Friday, 2 January 2015

Day 5 - Day 7

Day 5 is continued and has a program from my Girls Dance concert.

Copy of the Dancing concert ticket and my son waiting for the show to begin.

Day 6: 6x8 photo needs to be printed of both the girls at their dancing concert.

Day 7: All ready for their annual Santa photo! A quick photo on a chair at Domayne!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Simple things in life

Days 4 & 5 are quite simple. But sometimes simplicity can be lovely, right?

Day 4: My new haircut and fun lego creations.
Day 5: My son Max dressed up for the girls dancing concert in front of my Mum's christmas tree.

Day 4

Day 5

Days 4 & 5

Day 2 and 3

2nd and 3rd December have been documented! Yeah-on a roll here!

2nd Dec-We celebrated my Uncle John's birthday at a new seafood restaurant-Yum!
3rd Dec- Twinkle the Elf bought the kids their annual Lego kits to open a few pieces each day in my lovely Advent calendar boxes (seen here in the background from Peters of Kensington last year). *Max also received a gift from the USA! We participated in the International Gift Giving program this year so we sent three presents to USA and in return we will receive a gift back from their matched pen-pal. Exciting!

1. Documenting December 2014 IG kit from the Stamp Spot

2. Ali Edwards DD kit

Days 2 & 3

2nd December 2014

3rd December 2014

Pages 1 - 3 including Day One of my DD album completed!

Continuing on with @Stamp Spot's main kit (with Michelle Hunter) is my Page 1, Page 2 and the very first day of my DD album.

Page 2, "The Reason Why" was a free printable from @Ali Edwards. It details my main purpose of documenting the days of December each year.

Guest Designer at TSS

I am SO excited to be a Guest Designer on the Stamp Spot's (with Michelle Hunter) gorgeous main kit-Gold foil! Anything gold is right up my alley! Here is my front cover of my DD 2014. It feels nice to make a start.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

My new blog!

So I have *officially* joined the blogging world! :)
I am excited to preview my PL and DD work here!
I am also looking forward to sharing some of my 'hybrid' work with the awesome Design team at "The Stamp Spot." Check out the post from Michelle announcing the new Design Team-YEAH!

Here is a picture of my hot date (my gorgeous son, Max) at a Melbourne Cup luncheon recently!

Amanda x